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This is a poem,...
This a poem,
that was written within,
about the pain in my heart,
after being bitten.

oh, sweet passion,
stay with me,
Never leave my side.

This is my wish,
my burning desire,
I only want to stay Forever
with my chosen one.

This is a poem,
that was written
within my heart,...

for you.


I threw away your number,
but you're still on my mind.
I keep trying to forget you
but the memories linger on & on.

When I wake up, when I fall asleep.
you're always on my mind,
the feel of your touch, &
the taste of your lips on mine.

it doesn't seem to matter
what I do,
I just can't seem to forget
the memories of you.

Love Makes Fools Of Us All


if I give my heart to you,
I don't know that your love is true,
a calculated risk, that could lead to a fall,
sometimes love, makes fool of us all.

the poet, is a dreamer
a poet, is said
to be a dreamer,
who dares to live
on the edge of reality,

not unlike a man,
precariously balanced,
on a ledge,
outside a building.
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Heart of Glass
you broke my heart of glass,
the shards pervade,
as though your love, was a grenade.